Leveraging innovative digital and AI solutions to healthcare challenges
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Virus Contact Tracing

Virus Tracer is a mobile application developed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic crisis. The technology supplements and streamlines current contact tracing efforts.

Patient Care & Healthcare Workflow
  • Virtual Reality Augmented Patient Ambulation Experience
  • Virtual Concierge
  • Automated Clinical Document Creation (AC/DC)
IOT in Healthcare
  • Patient
  • Healthcare Staff
  • Supply Chain Tracking


VADOR is a real-time and accurate transcription and recording technology for surgeons. It employs artificial intelligence based real time learning, prompting, and recording of operative procedures.

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VAIM Technologies is a future facing company focused on leveraging innovative digital and AI solutions to healthcare challenges. Our priority is the development of strategies to improve the quality and costs of care for patients, healthcare professionals, and health systems alike. These include novel technological applications to automate and simplify the point-of-care experience for both patients and caregivers, optimize hospital and institutional workflow, and address emerging epidemiologic crises on a national and global level. Through these efforts, VAIM Technologies strives to pursue the development of transformative and value-added initiatives in the delivery of healthcare.

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