Transforming Operative Reports via Video, Voice & AI

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In 2018, Dr. Inderpal Sarkaria, MD, MBA, a thoracic surgeon at UPMC, began to approach a software-based solution to automate and reduce the antiquated process of creation of operative notes. A team of business and software leaders joined Dr. Sarkaria in this mission to self-fund the development of the VADOR software platform.

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What is VADOR

Voice Activated Dictation for the OR



Surgeons must complete operative notes sometime after the operation without standardization or video references in a lengthy, variable and manual process. Hospitals cannot bill until such documentation is complete.


A real-time, AI-based voice activated software platform for operative note creation during a procedure.


Key Features

Macro creation to capture common and more detailed notes quickly

Voice recognition of dication

Capture select video clips for annotation

Capture images from video for inclusion in operative report

Allow for immediate review and correction of draft operative report

Export capabilities to pdf; future EMR integration

  • Uses voice recognition to augment video, macros, photos with an easy to use interface to produce accurate and richly detailed operative reports in real time
  • Create discrete data from the operative report that is time- coded to specific events within the video feed
  • Creating the largest repository of medical procedure documents with best-in-class macros for every major surgical procedure
  • Standardization and best practice: guide surgeons to how their operative notes compare with the repository for a select procedure

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