Virus Tracer

Virus Tracer enables each of us to be socially responsible and play a proactive role in helping to contain the spread of COVID-19 in our community through effective contact tracing.

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Why is Virus Tracer Needed?


COVID-19 is showing an exponential increase in number of cases with 423,724 cases and 18,923 deaths reported worldwide as of March-25-2020.

Social Distancing

Social distancing is a critical component for containment and flattening the infection curve.

Contact Tracing

Once an individual is infected contact tracing is a critical component in preventing further transmission of the virus.

Stop Spread

Extensive contact tracing plays a significant role in the efforts to contain the spread of COVID-19 but current efforts are time and labor intensive.

Recall & Memory

Currently, contact tracing relies on the recall and memory of the infected person, manual identification of potentially exposed individuals, and personal communication.


Virus Tracer provides a fast, precise, and secure contact tracing method to identify and communicate with potentially infected individuals.

What is Virus Tracer?

Virus Tracer is a mobile application that supplements current contact tracing efforts.

It works by exchanging short-distance Bluetooth signals between phones to detect other participating virus tracer users in close proximity.

Records of such Bluetooth signal exchange are stored locally on each user’s phone in a highly encrypted file.

Virus Tracer enables authorities to ask the user to share data to find other virus tracer users who have been in contact with that user and may be at potential risk for COVID-19

Virus Tracer enables action to be taken sooner by the authorities QUICKLY and EFFICIENTLY.

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How does Virus Tracer work?

Download The App

Virus Tracer is downloaded from the Google Play store and Apple App store..

Turn on the Bluetooth

Turn on the Bluetooth for the app to work. Virus Tracer does not need Wi-Fi or mobile data to function after it has been installed.

Your Explicit Consent is Required

Virus Tracer can be used by anyone with a smartphone. Initial Setup requires users’ explicit consent to use the app.

Contact Tracer

Virus Tracer stores contact data from the users phone when they come in close proximity for a defined amount of time.

Permission is Required for Access to the Logs

If a virus tracer user is confirmed COVID-19 positive by health authorities, permission is requested to contact all other potential Virus Tracing users who have come into close proximity with that user.

We will be launching the app for iOS and Android shortly. It is fully developed and ready to launch.

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